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Is it now the perfect time to give your house a good winter cleaning?

  from £60 - 2 cleaners working 2h each

Winter cleaning (house winter cleaning)

Winter cleaning service includes a house clean depending on house size and available booked time

Below are some examples of the cleaning tasks:


microwave, fridge, cooker, oven; inside and outside of cupboards, switches, and sockets, work surfaces (including cooker tops and countertops) tiling degreased and descaled, tables, window frames and panes, doors, skirting boards and


de-scaling of shower and bath, shower door, tiles, all surfaces thoroughly wiped including sink, mirror, flooring, window, disinfecting toilet.

** Allergies during Winter

How to clean the room of an allergic person?

Very practical advice could be to wash the sheets with hot water, at least, once a week with very hot water (check the fabrics!). 40°C and above can contribute to mite, dust, and pollen to disappear. Although you can shake the carpets, the ideal is to vacuum several times to get rid of the dust.

The truth is that if you suffer allergies in your family, it is best to hire professionals who know how to clean in this situation. We are cleaning for allergy sufferers, we have all the necessary machinery; powerful steam machines, professional vacuum cleaners, and suitable cleaning products. Do not risk making your allergy worse.

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