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Important: We are sorry to inform all our customers, contractors, and friends that we have taken the difficult decision to dissolve the company with immediate effect on 20/02/2024. We trust that for the majority of you this is not a surprise. Ever since Brexit, we have started experiencing challenges finding reliable cleaners. This is in no way an excuse, and we made great memories along the way, but it is time for us to let go of our dream to expand this venture. If you or anyone you know has the energy to pick up things from where we left, this website is available for sale. Currently, it has about 63,700 visits per month from all over the world, and we were having to continuously reject new customers for a long time.

Note: No bookings are available. We have applied to dissolve the company on 20/02/2024.

Website is now on sale!

Quality Cleaning Services in Liverpool at a reasonable and affordable price.

Always standing behind our work, with customer satisfaction being our #1 priority!

Our cleaners are fully trained to provide a high-quality cleaning service.

Short sideshow presentation (2min 36sec) from an actual end of tenancy and domestic cleaning work we have delivered. Pictures are taken by our staff on job completion.

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We are a professional cleaning services company that is focused on offering quality and affordable cleaning services in Liverpool. We guarantee the highest standard of cleanliness possible with a fast cleaning service and punctuality. All our cleaners undergo a strict vetting process and training without exceptions.

Ensuring the professional cleaning of your property as well as offering helping and caring staff is our top priority. With us, you can rest assured that you are in good hands as we send the same staff for all regular cleaning tasks.

All our domestic maids and office cleaners wear clean uniforms.

We are proud to offer the best quality cleaning services in Liverpool. We have many Liverpool cleaners with extensive experience in the cleaning sector, offering a professional and quality cleaning service for your home, office, communal areas, care home or company premises.

We provide the necessary tools, equipment, and resources, while our cleaning supervisors or lead cleaners will ensure an outstanding cleaning job.

Cleaning Services in Liverpool must no longer be a source of stress!

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All our employees are fully ensured and DBS checked.


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