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New style as a new home with DOMESTIC CLEANING PLUS DECO

We can make your rooms look bigger than before. We organize the space for you and can give you some advice about decoration. We can create a fresh style in your home without breaking the bank.

from £46 per hour 2 cleaners

Nowadays, we are living in a dizzying pace of life, where many families experience difficultites to organize and clean a house/apartment with only one person in charge most of the time.

Therefore, using our experience as decorators and profesional cleaners, we make a great effort to unify everything in the same environment and give you some tips.

Your home will have a new style, trying to take advantage of each corner of your house and advising you what it would be more appropriate so that your house has something new every season.

Everything, without spending loads of money on furniture, mainly with some furniture organization, we can take advantage of the available space as much as possible.

Your house can transform by using different colors on your sofas, to give a more springlike atmosphere during spring, while colors like oranges and browns are more appropriate during winter.

We adapt to your needs and give you ideas to decorate your home.

However, each owner wants to incorporate some elements or objects that they consider indispensable for their home and we will respect their opinions and tastes.


All current customers are now supported with additional security measures.
New customers are expected to fill in questionnaires prior to acceptance.
Some of our cleaning workers are in self-isolation, as a precaution.
Further announcements are to be expected in due course.

The collective safety is our top priority despite the immense challenges!
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