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basic rate is £18.50 per hour per cleaner

Student Accommodation

The most important factor in making a nice student residence/house is undoubtedly the cleanliness.

Maintaining an order, clean rooms, etc., not only helps maintain calm but also generates a pleasant feeling that invites you to spend time there. A time in which students can continue to complete their training, concentrating on their studies or simply meeting other colleagues.

We all like to have our house clean, and the same applies to your student residence. It also goes without saying that our cleaning service will fee more of your time so you can focus on your passion and interests.

Our cleaners provide greater performance because we understand cleanliness as a science and a professional service, which is crucial in maintaining a hygienic and safe environment.

Top FAQ and Company Announcements

Important: We are sorry to inform all our customers, contractors, and friends that we have taken the difficult decision to dissolve the company with immediate effect on 20/02/2024. We trust that for the majority of you this is not a surprise. Ever since Brexit, we have started experiencing challenges finding reliable cleaners. This is in no way an excuse, and we made great memories along the way, but it is time for us to let go of our dream to expand this venture. If you or anyone you know has the energy to pick up things from where we left, this website is available for sale. Currently, it has about 63,700 visits per month from all over the world, and we were having to continuously reject new customers for a long time.

Note: No bookings are available. We have applied to dissolve the company on 20/02/2024.

Website is now on sale!