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Save money and time now.

It is always a great idea to have a good cleaned kitchen.
from £51 - 2 cleaners working 1h30 each

Kitchen Cleaning Services

Fast and efficient! Simply after contacting us, we will assess the cleaning hours based on your description and we will agree on the day and time to carry out the kitchen cleaning. You will not regret it, in less than an hour you will see the result and enjoy the most special places in your home as you deserve.

Kitchen cleaning
All cupboards to be cleaned on top, inside and the fronts
Fridge to be cleaned inside and out
Oven and extractor to be cleaned
Tiles to be cleaned
Any appliances to be wiped over
Floors hovered and moped
Windows and doors to be cleaned
All skirting to be dusted and marks wiped of
Light fittings to be dusted and or wiped clean
Cleaning of washing machine and drawer
Cleaning of dishwasher inside and out

We include appliances (Oven cleaning, Fridge cleaning) in every clean service at NO additional cost


All current customers are now supported with additional security measures.
New customers are expected to fill in questionnaires prior to acceptance.
Some of our cleaning workers are in self-isolation, as a precaution.
Further announcements are to be expected in due course.

The collective safety is our top priority despite the immense challenges!
Read the full company announcement here.