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Are you looking for a friendly and fast working, CARE HOME CLEANING?

While very familiar with DBS checks we do understand the need for flexibility, especially in the care environment.

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basic rate is £22 per hour per cleaner

Care Home Cleaning

To clean in accommodation and care home houses around people who need extra support in their daily lives is easy for us due to our experience of cleaning in accommodation and care homes with mental health patients or elderly.

Our cleaners are caring and friendly. We know how to achieve and maintain a healthy relaxing ambiance for the client.

To clean is not just beneficial to both residents and staff, it’s also a legal requirement. Infections can start and spread quickly, so keeping on top of cleanliness is an important way of protecting vulnerable residents from harm. Care homes can be crowded and involve close contact between residents and staff. They are also often places where people are likely to have weaker immune systems and so are at particular risk of catching an infection. Micro-organisms have been known to survive for weeks or even months on some surfaces, which can mean that contamination risks are high even after outbreaks appear to be over. So regular cleaning and disinfecting is a must if you want to prevent infections from spreading. Critical areas to focus on will include kitchens, bathrooms and communal lounge areas, but it’s important to ensure that no area is overlooked. To make sure nothing is missed, carry out an assessment of your care home and note down any areas which need particular attention, such as hard to reach spots. We could adapt to your care home cleaning schedule and we could organize a meeting with our cleaning team to talk them through what’s needed and why it’s so important for yourself.

Top FAQ and Company Announcements

Important: We are sorry to inform all our customers, contractors, and friends that we have taken the difficult decision to dissolve the company with immediate effect on 20/02/2024. We trust that for the majority of you this is not a surprise. Ever since Brexit, we have started experiencing challenges finding reliable cleaners. This is in no way an excuse, and we made great memories along the way, but it is time for us to let go of our dream to expand this venture. If you or anyone you know has the energy to pick up things from where we left, this website is available for sale. Currently, it has about 63,700 visits per month from all over the world, and we were having to continuously reject new customers for a long time.

Note: No bookings are available. We have applied to dissolve the company on 20/02/2024.

Website is now on sale!