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Working in the background for you with our OFFICE CLEANING SERVICE

What we do may be hidden from view, we will be making sure you arrive to clean desks, freshly vacuumed and mopped carpet and flooring, emptied bins and sanitized kitchen areas and washroom facilities.

basic rate is £18.50 per hour per cleaner

Office Cleaning Services in Liverpool

Cleaning company offices and business spaces.

Daily maintenance of the work center would provide pleasant and enjoyable environments ensuring harmony among workers, customers, and suppliers of the company.

We provide a specialized and knowledgeable team that understands the importance of quality cleaning service for our clients at workplace demanding a clean and hygienic environment.

Our multiple office cleaning services in Liverpool allow us to offer everything you need to keep the spaces in the best conditions and thus ensure maximum hygiene and service to your workers with all the possibilities of enjoying a comfortable workspace.

As professionals of office cleaning service in Liverpool, we strive to provide and meet the needs of all our customers. Ensure a comfortable and above all clean workspace, which allows developing day-to-day activities in a more pleasant way. Our cleaner supervisors will ensure to provide the optimum work. We have a special emphasis on the care and conservation of furniture, offices, common areas, meeting rooms, corridors and, above all, the toilets. Treating with special interest, all those areas that receive a greater influx of people throughout the working day.

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Question: Which areas do you cover?
Answer: L1, L2, L3, L7, L8, L15, L17, L18, L19

New bookings for existing clients available
from 26th Dec 2023 at the earliest.
There is a long waiting list for new clients.
Phone lines might be busy, we invite you to email us.

Fully booked until 26th Dec 2023